Welcome to the start of a new day! 
Are you feeling trapped?  Are you stuck in the same old routine, unfulfilled at your job, disheartened in your relationships and struggling to find the answers that will help you move forward in life?  There is a way up and out of these feelings.  You can find the path that will lead you to your happiness.  Let's work together to create your best life in Christ.  You can accomplish your goals.  You can become the person God created you to be.
Specializing in Christian life coaching for women in all walks of life; you will learn how to replace addictions, stress, self-doubt and despair with joy and personal fulfillment.  Past life choices don't have to define you, let the light of the Lord show you a new way to live and be free.
Peg LaTorre is uniquely suited to help women as they recreate their self awareness and move towards their personal goals.  Read about Peg's story to see why she is so passionate about helping other women be their best. 
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